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  1. Morenike says:

    Received my wig, so beautiful and blended so well. Thank you for a good customer service

  2. BShuga says:

    I absolutely love my lace front wig..It was worth the money. And the customer service was excellent. heartheartheart

  3. Mia Purpose says:

    Eminado’s customer service and professionalism is of the highest standards.

    My unit is beautiful and flawless. Her skills are impeccable!

    The most high has blessed her hands to do what she does.

    Mia purpose

  4. Jaye says:

    I purchased my very first Eminadohair braid wig and I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE my wig. Not many can master a braid wig. I’ve purchased a few in the past and was highly disappointed with my purchase but Eminadohair has finessed this skill hands down. I love the intricate braiding detail and the fact that it looks so natural. I will be a returning customer. I already have several other wigs on my wishlist. Awesome job Eminado! You are the absolute best!!heart

  5. Char says:

    Recieved my wig so quickly! It exceeded my expectations. Looks exactly like in pics and videos. Will definitely be ordering more.heart

  6. Adjoa says:

    She’s the real deal. Hands down. My wig exceeded my expectation. That’s what I call a braided wig

  7. KayC says:

    I love my unit . I love the customer service . Everyday I’m being stopped about my hair . Trust me she’s worth every penny heart_eyesheart_eyesheart_eyes

  8. Cassandra says:

    I love my unit . I love the customer service . Everyday I’m being stopped about my hair . Trust me she’s worth every penny heart_eyesheart_eyesheart_eyes

  9. Michelle says:

    Love love my wig 10/10 , a wig for life ! Got so many compliments , she responds fast , her service is excellent ! Supper happy will be buying again !

  10. Pam says:

    I LOVE my new braids! I received my wig fairly quickly. Such precise excellent work. EVERYONE need this in there collection. Looks so natural no one knows it’s a wig. No more sitting for hours for braidsgrin Cant wait to get more!

  11. Imani Bradford says:

    I absolutely love my wig!! This is the only braided wig so far that I’ve seen look so realistic. I haven’t had braids in years because I was tired of sitting for hours or it being too tight. Everyone asks me who did my braids and when I tell them it’s a wig they look so shocked haha. I will definitely be ordering more!

  12. Dani Williams says:

    I am so in love with my unit. It’s natural looking and I am glad that no one can tell that it’s a wig. I will be purchasing more. Definitely a customer for life.

  13. Chelsey says:

    I purchased two units and I am in love with them both it looks so natural and real they did an awesome job and I will be ordering my third unit real soon

  14. Chanel says:

    Very happy with the customer service! She was always quick to respond to my questions and never lost her patience. I’m also very happy with the unit. I will definitely order again.

  15. Akos says:

    Very happy with the service! Loved my hair too, it looked and felt so amazing. Would highly recommend and purchase again.

  16. CBrown says:

    Lovely wig the braids are perfect and I love the length.. I’ve had many compliments!! I’m not a wig wearer but needed a change so I went for it. Very skillful work heart️

  17. Christian Bulatao says:

    Ope was very sweet to me. Thank you very much for my beautiful wig and left me with my heart warm. Excellent service. 10/10 recommendation!

  18. Melanie Jackson says:

    I love my wig the lace is so transparent and nobody believes it’s a wig. Your customer service is excellent . And I received my unit in 2 days with Express delivery. Definitely will do business again !!

  19. Sharon says:

    I start following them a few weeks back and loved all the wigs but I didn’t want a wig so I reached out to see if they could do individual crochet and they said yes! And I self installed and absolutely love themheart Thank you so much

  20. Nita Minor says:

    I love! Love! Love! Love their service. I followed a friend and bought 2 braided wigs. I was a little skeptical. I reached out and the responded that day. Told me about my orders and they came as expected. Very pleased in the quality of the braiding and very perfect in parting. I put them on and I lovvvve it. So good I immediately ordered a third. My bank was being so over protective I could order with that card. I reached out again and they were right there to help. Sent me am invoice waited with the for the processing and or went thru. I normally don’t like ordering online but I will say I am committed to ONLY buying from here. I tell you I am in SC and yes this is a real review and I love everything about this site.

  21. Tabitha Jeffcoat says:

    Listen. I have loved this company’s phenomenal customer service from DAY ONE. The fact that their work is equally amazing made me decide that I never want to buy a braided wig from ANYONE else. Affordable pricing is also great …. I am just in love with Eminado. Thank you so much and I hope you never change.


    Professionalism is all I got from this company, ranging from customer care to neat braiding. Ma gal leads by far, highly recommendable.

  23. ErickaK says:

    I absolutely loveeeee my new wig. Straight out the bag (DHL-fast shipping) it fit PERFECTLY! This wig completely exceeded my expections…I was thinking I’d have to bleach the knots and tweeze certain areas but I literally cut the lace, trimmed the baby hair (not a baby hair fan) put a wig cap on and I was out the door. Wore the wig completely GLUELESS, no professional install! If you’re thinking about getting one, stop hesitating! Totally worth every dime!

  24. Rhonda McCormick says:

    I Absolutely love it! Great customer service every step of the way! This unit is well made. I’m customer for life! God bless your hands & God bless you and your company.

  25. Tamara says:

    Words can’t explain how much I’m in love with my wig I can not wait to wear it

  26. Adepeju akinnifesi says:

    I love my wig I can’t wait to put it on the ! customer service greatheartheart

  27. K. Johnson says:

    OMG my wig is absolutely beautiful. It is made impeccably well. I cannot wait to wear it. Thank you. Customer service on point. Highly Recommend.

  28. Stenicha says:

    I over love my wig!!! It looks amazing and so realistic….

  29. Kimarah Largie says:

    It’s my first time purchasing a wig from Eminadohair.I absolutely LOVE my wig I can’t believe how natural it looks.I’ve had many compliments and will certainly be purchasing more.Thank you again amazing work!!!

  30. Kaf says:

    I am very happy with my braided wig, it fits well, and looks natural. I
    get a lot of compliments from people. Thank you Eminado. Your hand is truly blessed!! Definitely coming back .

  31. Bisi Alimo says:

    This wig fits so beautifully. I will be back for more

  32. Nana says:

    Absolutely AMAZING WIGS!!!! Love Love Love!!! Thank you sooo so much for making my vision come alive!! Guys you need to buy a wig from wonderful Eminado ASAP!! She does Braided wigs to perfection at very reasonable pr

  33. manetyacine says:

    heartheartheart I just receive my wig and I sware it’s the BEST BRAIDED WIG I CAN EVER GET. The parting, braiding, lenght and color is exactly what I asked for. It’s the best company I got the opportunity to buy with so far. Trust them you won’t regret it And I will uploaded my pictures asap.

  34. Maman Binta Gaye says:

    heartheartheart satisfaite

  35. Keisha says:

    Let me first start of by saying I absolutely LOVE this wig!!!! I’m very particular when it comes to my hair and I was just soooooooo nervous thinking that it wouldn’t be what I wanted it to be and that it was possibly a scam at first but I must say I would do it all over again and that says a lot !! She absolutely knows what she’s doing and has gained a new customer in me. This wig is more than what I envisioned it to be. It’s so realistic and perfect! Everyone can’t believe it’s actually a wig. Thanks so much for your service !Keisha

  36. Ronsa evans says:

    I luv my hair great quality came quickly. I will be ordering soon Hair is soft and beautiful

  37. Ronsa evans says:

    I luv it so soft and beautiful I will be ordering soon came very quickly I can’t wait to show it off

  38. Titilope Adesanya says:

    I have ordered so many hair online and i eventually get what i didn’t expect, but my wig was just what i wanted , it’s lovely. Good customer service also

    1. Thank you for trusting us.

  39. Sonya says:

    I love the customer service and I love the wigs( product).I’ve ordered 3x so far.

  40. Chloe says:

    Wow. I am absolutely IN LOVE with my wig! This was my first ever wig and I am still incredibly impressed with everything; the quality, customer service and process of purchase was fantastic. I can tell how much hard work, love and passion goes into her creations. Eminado Braided Wigs is the real deal and I cannot wait to purchase from you again soon. <3 Thank you so much again – I have literally fallen in love with this wig – I’m obsessed!!

  41. Sophia says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful wig!! I ordered the Ari Ket cornrows and the communication from the customer service was also fantastic. Everything delivered as promised

  42. Morline says:

    It’s been a week now since I received my order. I’m still amazed on how perfect this unit is . Thank you Eminado hair this wig shows of the amazing talent you have and I’m honored to be part of your support group as I will be coming back for more that’s for definite as the quality and the service is at its best .

    Your showing us all pure “ Black girl magic “ thank you Eminado hair .

  43. Lisa says:

    I go on site everyday to see what else I can order .. received all my wigs and definitely happy with everyone one of them .. looking forward to ordering again .. can’t wait to see what my next pick will be

  44. kja owebal says:

    Would be nice to have wig which are not 30inch, maybe armpit length

    1. We can make any lenght

  45. Charlene says:

    Love the hair! Did take a little longer than expected but worth the wait. Already received a lot of compliments.

  46. kieshathomas1979 says:

    I absolutely love my wigs. They are beautiful. I’ve order 4 so far. My only issue is my second two were too big even though I ordered a small for all of them. The first one came and it fit perfectly. The next two came and we’re both big. Now I’m waiting on the fourth one. I hope it fits

  47. Latoya Bedward says:

    Great wig…I will support as much as I can thank you!!! I love my wig 5 stars!!!

  48. Tabitha Jeffcoat says:

    This is my most favorite place to shop for braided wigs. I will not go anywhere else. I started with them on IG before a website, before they even had 10k followers. I have ordered several units and they only get better and better as the years go. The units are so neatly done and they always smell nice. I get so many compliments when I wear them!! I love shopping in ‘Ready to Ship’ because I hate waiting . But it’s definitely worth the wait when I have to. The customer service is SUPERB! Great product, great customer service… I’m a fan for LIFE!

    1. Thanks for your honest feedback

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