Wig Care

How to care for braided wig if you have been wearing it.

Once in a while, wash your braided wig in a lukewarm water with good quality shampoo.

Do not use hot water due to the synthetic material used in braiding. Using hot water could damage the strength and longevity of your wig and make them look rough.

How do I care for my braided wig when just got delivered
  1. Take out of the bag/box and stretch it out by finger combing. Packaging will make the braids fold but doing this would make them go back to normal.
  2. Always keep your braided wig on a mannequin’s head or hang upright, to avoid it getting folded and wrinkled.
  3. If your braided wig looks wrinkled at the tips, then deep the lower part of the wig in hot water for 5 seconds to straighten out the tips. Do not squeeze out with hand or towel.
  4. Finger comb your braided wig downwards and blow dry on the lowest heat or leave it to air dry (best option).
  5. Spray your braided wig with very little amount of hair spray / oil sheen since its still brand new to keep it shining.
How to wash to braided wigs

“ Do not wash faux loc, dread locs or crochet loc braid wigs”

  • add lukewarm water in a bowl
  • add good quantity amount of a good quality shampoo
  • deep in your braided wig and softly finger massage your wig
  • rinse properly with cold water and take the wig out vertically and deep in again 2-5 times or rinse while holding the wig straight up
  • do not squeeze dry your wig, instead hang your wig vertically or style on a mannequin’s head to blow dry on the lowest heat or leave it out to dry (best option)
  • Trim around the sides of each strands of hair if there is any need to “do not cut the tip”.
  • Use a good quality styling hair mousse while you vertically finger comb your wig, while a little bit wet.
  • Use hair spray or oil sheen to keep it shining.
  • Do not apply direct heat or any hot steaming object like tonging machines and all that on your braided wig
  • Always hang or style on a mannequin head in a good weather condition when not in use
  • Whenever your wig gets wets or you sweat on it, always make sure you dry them and not hide them so as not to breed a bad smell or fungi.. Never keep your wig in a plastic bag or box
  • Do not tie your braided wig at all times to avoid wig looking tacky
  • Do not comb or brush your braided wig
  • Last but not the least, take care of your natural hair. Wash and condition, oil them and cornrow them before you wear your braided wigs again. Our wigs serves as protective styling wigs to protect your natural hair from breakage and damages, make them relax, breath from tight braiding and grow faster.
How to choose the right shade
Can I request for custom order?
Yes, you can! Just add a note with your specifications.
How long does shipping usually take?

For completed units:

Shipping is usually within 5-7 working days for orders placed outside of the UK. UK Shipping takes 3-5 working days.

There are extra shipping charges for fast track delivery. UK Next is £8.00 for up to 0.9kg

Does Eminado Hair have a return policy or exchange policy?

Braided Wigs are Custom made, therefore Eminadohair does not refund or exchange.

In exceptional circumstances that you would need to return an item, you will pay 20% restocking fee, shipping fee will not be refunded and you will be responsible to ship the unit back to us.

How may I contact you
How may I contact form and Social Media links to get in touch with us
Lace Material
4*4 (4 by 4) lace closure: is the first image above. You could get middle & side part styled braids, twist, loc or cornrows from using this to make your preferred braid wig. Your wig can be packed as one but not totally up as a bun or ponytail.


2*4 (2 by 4) lace closure: is half of the first image. You can only get middle part styled braids, twist, loc or cornrows from using this to make your preferred braid wig. Your wig can be packed as one but not totally up as a bun or ponytail. Also, to get a side part from this means you will have to turn the focus of your wig to the side when putting it on.
13*4 (13 by 4) lace frontal: is the second image above. You can achieve all types of frontal part styled braids, twist, loc or cornrows from using this to make your preferred braid wig. More baby hair option from this as well. Your wig can be packed as one but not totally up as a bun or ponytail, but it mostly covers the whole frontal part of your hairline. Has more styling option compared to the lace closure.


360 (round) lace frontal: the third image above. You can achieve more styles using this as your preferred lace material option for your braid wig. This can be packed up as a bun or ponytail and all part styles of braids, twist, loc and cornrow can be achieved from using this.
Full lace: the last image depicts a full head. You can achieve maximum part styles of braids, twist, loc or cornrows from using this to make your preferred braid wig. Your wig can also be fully packed up as a bun or ponytail.
Check image clearly to determine the length you want and match it with the ranges below. Please add a note to your order to advise of lenght you want.
Lenght longer that 28inches attract extra fee.
(11-13)inches shoulder length
(14-16)inches armpit length
(17-19)inches bra length
(20-22)inches waist length
(23-25)inches hip length
(26-28)inches tailbone length
(29-31) inches classic length
(32-34)inches mid-thigh length
other length
Thickness and Density
Density includes;
Full or volume density; has a lot of braids. Recommended for those who love to have a lot of braids.
Not too full or classic density; a normal density, but not as full as the hybrid volume. Recommend for those who like light wigs and don’t want a lot of braids.
Thickness of all braids/Twist includes;
Big; which is thick
Medium; which is thick, but not as thick as the big
Small; which is not as big as the medium
Micro; which is tiny
Jumbo; largest/thickest size
Wig Size
The way your wig fits your head is very important. In order to get the actual size of wig for your head, make sure to choose the proper size for your wig to ensure maximum comfort and security.
Use a flexible plastic non stretchable measuring tape.
Take all measurements 2 or 3 times to be accurate.
NOTE: Your nape is the base of your neck, the spot where the back of your hair begins.
Hairline is the edge of a person’s hair round the head.
Most adults wear an average size although the amount of your own hair you have underneath the wig may affect your size requirements. Certain hairstyles can add bulk and make the measurement inaccurate.
  • Average wig cap size: Between 54cm to 57cm (21.25 to 22.5 inches) – We would say about 90% of our customers are an average wig size, so you will find that there is more of a choice if you are measuring within this size.
  • Petite wig cap size: Between 51cm and 54cm (20 to 21.25 inches). We currently have around 60 wigs in our petite wig size range. Remember you will have up to an inch give to adjust at the nape.
  • Large wig cap size: Larger than 57cm (22.5 to 24 inches). We currently have only a few wigs available in a large wig size wig size. Keep checking our website though, as we intend to increase this number very soon.

Please note: Incase you are not sure of your head size, please follow the guide to measure their head and put it in note while checking out. If the wig arrives and the wig doesn’t fit, then Eminado hair will not be responsible to fix.