The Beginning, The Team, The Process


Eminado Limited is an incorporated business and registered in England in 2015. The company registration number is 09562430. The company registered address is 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU

The Birth of EminadoHair

In 2013, I went to a salon to get the style senegalese twists done. On getting there, the hairdresser disappointingly informed me, not only, that the style would take nearly the whole day, but also quoted a price I could not afford. So I declined and went back home with undone hair.

On my way home, I pondered on all the hours and money I had spent in salons in the past in a bid to do braids and felt that there must be a way to shorten the whole process. Incidentally, I had reluctantly bought my first front lace synthetic wig a few weeks before on my sister’s advice. I however wasn’t very fond of wearing wigs with straight hair as I was a big fan of braids (still am) but given the circumstances, I resigned myself to my fate and decided that I would wear the front lace wig in the meantime until things improved. My thoughts however nagged at me and I was determined to find a solution. It was during this thought process that my necessity gave birth to the innovation that became Eminado Hair, when as I was putting on the wig, I thought about braiding directly on the lace wig. Excited at the possibility, I tried a few strands on the lace front and the outcome was as I envisioned, almost salon braid quality. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ope (Co-Founder Eminado Hair)

The Production Process is as follows

We have a team of 20 stylists who are always on deck to produce amazing quality units. Unit are inspected before shipment to customers.

Wig Care

Use quality shampoo and Conditioner. When washing your braided wig, gently wash in one direction…Not in circles or by bunching up in one area.